Metal Inert Gas (MIG) and Metal Active Gas (MAG) welding course

How It Works?

The arc is protected by an active (MAG) or a inert(MIG) gas.

The metal inert gas (MIG) process uses a consumable electrode, which is usually in the form of a copper-coated coiled wire. Argon is used to shield the weld, and direct current with the electrode being positive to generate more heat for melting

The MAG and CO2 welding is mainly used for welding mild steel and low-alloy steels (cheaper than argon).
CO2 is really effective as a shield gas if the electrode wire contains up to 1.8% manganese, 0.5% silicon, 0.15% titanium and 0.15% zirconium, which act as deoxidising agents.


Cost of the course:

1100 EUR + internationally recognized TÜV certification fee 300 EUR + VAT



-basic education
-18 years of age


Do you need any other knowledge to start the course?

It is not necessary. We start all over from scratch, so even beginners can apply.


What are the experiences of those who have completed a course so far?

Our students who passed the exam were able to find a job almost without exception.
They start work mainly in domestic workplaces, but some of them are immediately employed abroad.

If you want to, our Welding Academy will help you find a good job after a successful exam!