Our academy organizes individual and group welding courses tailored to your needs.
The basic purpose of our training is to enable welders to carry out welding of various metals in their daily work.
Do their job thoroughly and professionally with the right knowledge.
We always provide practical and real-life knowledge!

Each of our instructors is well-trained, with many years of professional experience.
Our welding stations are equipped with modern welding machines and tools, so that all participants can learn with the new technology!


Job opportunity


Successful welders can provide jobs immediately upon request!

More than 100 contracted partners are waiting for our graduates to apply in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria, and many top positions are available in Hungary – continuously! As a beginner, our welders can achieve high salaries both in Hungary and in Europe.



Our continuously starting trainings:

-Adult training for all welding procedures.
-TÜV qualified welding course.
-Orbital welding course.
-Individual training for all welding procedures.
-Practical welding opportunity.
-Fire protection specialist training.